Want Tex Mex, get Kip's!

Kip's Tex Mex is a unique blend of spices that will enhance your next meal or favorite recipe. Our seasoning is an all purpose blend that can be used on everything from breakfast to dinner. It's a great accompaniment to meat, poultry, pork or seafood. Whether it's BBQing, roasting, frying, sautéing, or just plain adding it to your favorite recipe, Kip's will give it that extra "something" you're looking for. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did.

We are a small family run business from the capital of Tex Mex cooking, San Antonio! Our product is proudly made in Texas with nothing but the finest quality ingredients. The blend of chiles, peppers, garlic, cumin, and other spices give it that unique South Texas flavor we all know as Tex Mex. Use it as a flavor enhancer or as an alternative to salt. Kip's is low in sodium at only 115 mg of salt per serving.

I've had the pleasure of preparing this blend for family and friends for over 30 years. In this time, I have enjoyed cooking meals for everyone including my second family, my firefighting family. Firefighters are some of the toughest food critics I know. If I can please them with this product, you can do same with your family recipes and Kip's.

Now the wait is over. After plenty of encouragement and support, we have decided to make our seasoning available for all to enjoy. We hope that you can make Kip's part of your next meal. Please, tell your family and friends about our product or just pass it on...you won't be disappointed. Thanks for your support,



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